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Danger Alert: South Dakota’s 10 Most Unsafe Cities in 2023

There is less property crime in South Dakota, now 18.9 per 1,000 people. Among the West North Central states, it ranks third in violent crime, after Missouri and Kansas.

10 Most Dangerous Cities in South Dakota in 2023. (PHOTO: Southwest Journal)


According to the Southwest Journal, you might know that South Dakota has some not-so-safe areas. Things like plain landscapes, not many jobs, and low pay can contribute to this. RoadSnacks made a list of places to be careful about in 2022, looking at crime data from 29 cities. South Dakota has higher arson cases but fewer murders and assaults compared to other places. Even small towns can have a lot of crime. South Dakota isn’t one of the most dangerous states in the country, but some cities here could be on that list.

South Dakota’s cities with higher crime rates in 2023 include:

Rapid City

Despite being a popular tourist spot, it’s labeled as the most dangerous, with 673 violent crimes and 3,137 property crimes in a year.


Known for its history, this small town is ranked second in danger, reporting 16 violent crimes and 76 property crimes annually.


Despite its capital status, Pierre has a significant crime rate, reporting 128 violent crimes and 413 property crimes in a year.


is a historical city with the fourth-highest crime rate, reporting 83 violent crimes and 474 property crimes annually.

Sioux Falls

The most populous city ranks fourth in violence, reporting 1,120 violent crimes and 4,259 property crimes in a year.


Known for the Corn Palace, it ranks high in property crimes (520) and moderately in violent crimes (73).

Box Elder

Near Rapid City, it’s the seventh most dangerous, reporting 59 violent crimes and 292 property crimes annually.


Despite being a major city, it’s the seventh most violent, reporting 122 aggravated assaults and 31 rapes in a year.


Despite its natural beauty, it has a high crime rate, with notable incidents like robbery and arson.


Known for events like the State Fair, it reports 43 violent crimes and 242 property crimes annually.

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These rankings are based on reported incidents per 100,000 people, emphasizing caution in these areas.

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