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Dangers of Living in Vermont: 2024 Top 10 Cities

Top 10 Cities: Dangers of Living in Vermont

Dangers of Living in Vermont. (PHOTO: Travel Safe – Abroad)

According to Southwest Journal 2024 report, some neighborhoods are not safe. They looked at crime rates in 22 cities with more than 5,000 people to find the 10 most dangerous places. Vermont is a wealthy state, but some places have a lot of crime, jobs that don’t pay well, and not much help. Vermont has a lot of money, but not everyone gets to enjoy it. The study suggests that the state change its tax system to deal with these issues. There is more to life in these places than just beautiful scenery and tasty syrup.

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2024 Top 10 Cities Dangers of Living in Vermont

One of the most dangerous locations to live is Barre, Vermont, due to its high crime rate. It has 8,457 residents. 6.74 hazardous crimes and 19.63 property crimes per 1,000. Four times the state average and 10 times more than anyplace else in Vermont, it kills people.

Beautiful Saint Albans on Lake Champlain boasts 6,940 residents. But it has an issue. 31.99 property and 4.90 serious crimes per 1,000 persons. Three times the state rate rose. St. Albans has 25 times more crimes per square mile than the rest of the state.

Historic Rutland has 15,851 crimes. Crime rates in Rutland are substantially lower than the state average of 4.73 and 35.39 per 1,000. Downtown has 80 crimes per square mile, whereas Vermont has 5.

Vermont is safer than Riverside Winooski. Serious crime is 3.48 per 1,000 inhabitants, while criminal damage is 24.49. At least 60% over state average. Both Routes 89 and 27 have 154 offenses per square mile. Rate 30xVT.

With 44,781 residents, Burlington is Vermont’s largest city and offers more than ice cream. However, 3.44 serious crimes and 36.38 property crimes per 1,000 persons are concerning. Burlington has 22 times the state’s crime per square mile.

Really great With 7,380 residents, Saint Johnsbury has 50% higher crime than the state. About 1 in 1,000 offenses are hazardous, and 23.58% are property crimes. West of 91, danger rises.

With 12,215 residents, Brattleboro is a vibrant arts town. Every 1,000 persons had 3.11 serious crimes and 39.62 property crimes. Three times more property crime occurs in South Brattleboro than elsewhere in Vermont.

Bennington College has 15,303 high-crime residents. Northern cities have higher property and severe crime than Vermont. Rates per 1,000 are 2.48–15.36.

State’s largest mall and most people are in South Burlington (20,282). Two times more property is stolen. South Burlington is three times more risky per square mile than Vermont.

At 8,002, Montpelier, Vermont, is safest. 1.50 major crimes and 17.87 property offenses/1,000. This makes it safer than other communities. Southern Highway 89 is popular yet hazardous.

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Safety tip in travelling to cities dangers of living in Vermont

It’s important to remember to be safe in Vermont even though it has beautiful scenery and cute towns. When you travel, be careful in towns with higher crime rates, like Barre and Rutland. Instead, think about going to better places like Montpelier. To make sure your trip to the Green Mountain State goes smoothly and safely, stay alert, keep your things safe, and be aware of your surroundings.

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