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Data Breach Settlement Worth $350-$5,300 Can Now Be Claimed By Eligible Americans

Gershman investment group data breach (Photo: checkpeople)

All the eligible Americans will receive payments between $350 and $5,300 from Gershman Investment Group. Even though the company has not admitted any wrongdoing, they still agreed to pay for a data breach settlement.

Gershman Investment Corporation (Photo: prnewswire)

Gershman Investment Group Agreed To Pay Data Breach Settlement

SOURCE– The data breach happened in September 2021, and sensitive personal information, such as financial account numbers, Social Security numbers, and other identifiers, has been compromised.

Plaintiffs claimed that the investment group could have prevented the data breach if they only tightened their cybersecurity measures. The company could’ve avoided paying for a data breach settlement if cybersecurity were strong in the first place.

But on the Gershman Investment Group side, they are not admitting any wrongdoing. Despite this, they still agreed to pay a data breach settlement to resolve the issue.

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Data Breach Settlement Worth Between $350 And $5,300

The data breach settlement that Gershman Investment Group offered is worth $350-$5,300. Under the company’s terms, eligible Americans can receive different types of data breach settlement compensation.

According to Top Class Actions, those who experienced ordinary losses like bank fees, travel expenses, and communication charges could seek up to $350 in data breach settlement compensation. For class members with extraordinary losses such as fraud, misuse of personal information, and identity theft, they can seek up to $5,000 worth of data breach settlement compensation.

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