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Days Before The Start Of The State Fair, Random Acts Of Violence Result In 2 Deaths Close To Fair Park

Two Columbus Men Sentenced for Unrelated Franklin County Shooting Deaths (Photo: New Arena)
Two Columbus Men Sentenced for Unrelated Franklin County Shooting Deaths (Photo: New Arena)

According to preliminary information, the Dallas shooting spree that left two people dead on Monday was an act of violence committed at random.

Before the shooter moved to a nearby car wash and shot a fourth person, three people were shot inside an apartment close to Fair Park. All of this occurred nearby the Texas State Fair, which opens in four days.

The front door of the apartment where a young woman who answered a knock and was shot dead early Monday afternoon by a shooter who also wounded two other occupants can be seen with bullet holes.

The Deceased Woman’s Uncle Is Martin Ramirez

Ramirez stated that “apparently someone came up to the door and rang the doorbell.” And Savannah, my niece, answered the door. As soon as she did, the shooter began fire, striking everyone else as well.

Savannah Rodriguez, 19, was shot inside the residence, according to DPD, who also reported that another woman and a male were also injured and later died from their wounds. According to Ramirez, inside were his sister and his niece’s boyfriend. He claimed they were hurt and had no acquaintance with the shooter.

What Happened?

Fair park

Source: ABC news

The shooter allegedly then got into a car and proceeded to a neighboring car wash where he shot another victim before running away, according to witnesses.

Patricia Asberry stated, “This is nothing new because we have this over here all the time.” The Dallas Police Department reports that a one-year-old child was shot and killed in a car over the weekend, allegedly by a bullet thought to have been fired by someone with a gun at a party on the opposite side of Fair Park.

We questioned DPD about security in Fair Park in the wake of these and other violent occurrences because the State Fair of Texas, which opens this Friday, would be attended by millions of people.

We continue to keep an eye on data and crime trends, using the information we receive to modify our patrol and crime plan as necessary, according to DPD. During the State Fair, more patrols have already been added to the neighborhood around Fair Park.

The three shooting victims who are still alive are receiving care at Baylor. They are in stable condition, according to DPD.

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