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December SNAP Benefits Update: Here’s The Payment Schedule For Next Month’s Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program

SNAP Benefits
SNAP Benefits; Source- Forbes

Here are the following dates for the December SNAP benefits payments to look out for next month!

December SNAP benefits (Photo: kunm)

December SNAP Benefits

SOURCE– The December SNAP benefits payments will begin to be sent out in just a few days. December SNAP benefits payment distribution will follow the same payment schedule from month to month, but with the exact dates varying from state to state.

The December SNAP benefits payments will be distributed based on a household’s social security number, case number, birth date, or last name. The distribution method also varies by state.

The first to send the December SNAP benefits payments to eligible recipients are Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

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Payment Schedule For Each State Receiving The December SNAP Benefits

Here are the scheduled dates of the states that will be receiving their December SNAP benefits payments next month:
Alabama: Dec. 4-23
Alaska: Dec. 1
Arizona: Dec. 1-13
Arkansas: Dec. 4-13
California: Dec. 1-10
Colorado: Dec. 1-10
Connecticut: Dec. 1-3
Delaware: Dec. 2-23
District of Columbia: Dec. 1-10
Florida: Dec. 1-28
Georgia: Dec. 5-23
Hawaii: Dec. 3-5
Idaho: Dec. 1-10
Illinois: Dec. 1-10 and older cases Dec. 1-20
Indiana: Dec. 5-23
Iowa: Dec. 1-10
Kansas: Dec. 1-10
Kentucky: Dec. 1-19
Louisiana: Dec. 1-23
Maine: Dec. 10-14
Maryland: Dec. 4-23
Massachusetts: Dec. 1-14
Michigan: Dec. 3-21
Minnesota: Dec. 4-13
Mississippi: Dec. 4-21
Missouri: Dec. 1-22
Montana: Dec. 2-6
Nebraska: Dec. 1-5
Nevada: Dec. 1-10
New Hampshire: Dec. 5
New Jersey: Dec. 1-5
New Mexico: Dec. 1-20
New York: Dec. 1-9
North Carolina: Dec. 3-21
North Dakota: Dec. 1
Ohio: Dec. 2-20
Oklahoma: Dec. 1-10
Oregon: Dec. 1-9
Pennsylvania: Dec. 3-14
Rhode Island: Dec. 1
South Carolina: Dec. 1-10
South Dakota: Dec. 10
Tennessee: Dec. 1-20
Texas: Dec. 1-28
Utah: Dec. 5, 11, and 15
Vermont: Dec. 1
Virginia: Dec. 1-7
Washington: Dec. 1-20
West Virginia: Dec. 1-9
Wisconsin: Dec. 1-15
Wyoming: Dec. 1-4

According to an article by Globe Live Media, the December SNAP benefits payments are deposited on a prepaid electronic benefit transfer card or EBT card, depending on the state.

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