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Democrats Introduce A Bill In The Texas House To Increase Teacher Wages And Financing For Public Schools

(Photo: The Motley Fool)

A bill introduced by Democratic members of the Texas House would significantly increase teacher pay and financing for public schools.

What’s In The Bill?

Even though school funding is not on the agenda for the special session, as Governor Greg Abbott stated, it won’t be unless lawmakers pass a bill giving taxpayer subsidies so some students can attend private schools, the state representatives unveiled their legislation at a news conference on Thursday morning.

However, Texas House Democrats claimed that when it comes to money, the state of Texas is failing its public schools.

At the press conference, Representative James Talarico (D-Austin) declared, “We have a school funding emergency in this state.” The state is now $40 billion below the national average, according to him and other Democrats.

Their bill would raise the amount school districts receive per kid from $6,160 to $8,947 in order to change that.

Additionally, the law would provide teachers a $15,000 rise in an effort to prevent them from leaving the field, which has been a major issue in Texas.

Last week, Senate Republicans passed a package on school funding that gives teachers and school districts extra funds, but significantly less than what Democrats had suggested.

The financing amount per student is increased from $6,160 to $6,235. The majority of educators would get a $3,000 retention bonus. Teachers in mid-sized and small districts, however, would receive a retention bonus of $7,000.

Fiscally Responsible

Teacher Wages

Source: Cbs news

The Senate Finance Committee’s chair, Joan Huffman (R-Houston), stated last week that the state is not allowed to spend more than what is allowed by the constitution. “We must remain fiscally responsible not to commit to ongoing expenses that the state cannot sustain.”

The Senate bill was criticised by Talarico. “The Senate’s proposed school financing bill is absurd. Not even inflation is kept up with by it.”The Senate’s plan on school funding is not yet being considered by the House.

Regarding Governor Abbott’s effort to have taxpayer funds paid for pupils to attend private schools, House Democrats expressed doubt on Thursday that the bill will be approved. The House has not yet submitted its own version of the bill. Last Monday, the Senate approved its version.

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