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DNA Links Suspect “Satellite” to Multiple Shootings, Including 2022 Murder

Photo from KOB 4

Albuquerque police have apprehended 28-year-old Jose “Satellite” Sanchez, charging him with the January 2022 murder of Shania Spencer at a southeast Albuquerque apartment complex. The arrest comes after detectives connected Sanchez to multiple violent incidents, including a shooting and an axe attack on the victim.

Photo from KOB 4

Murder and Violent Altercations

Sanchez stands accused of fatally shooting Shania Spencer during an argument over a stolen gun at 7900 Bell Avenue SE. Witnesses revealed that Sanchez had previously attacked Spencer with an axe a week before the shooting, showcasing a pattern of violent behavior.

In addition to the murder charge, Sanchez is implicated in another shooting and identified as the victim in a third shooting. Detectives, obtaining a DNA warrant while Sanchez was hospitalized, established a genetic link to the other two shootings, revealing the extent of his involvement in violent incidents.

Cell phone data and witness interviews further substantiated the case against Sanchez, providing additional evidence tying him to Shania Spencer’s murder and the other shootings.

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Legal Proceedings

Jose “Satellite” Sanchez was taken into custody on Thursday and is now detained at the Metropolitan Detention Center. He faces an open count of murder, reflecting the severity of the charges against him.

The arrest underscores the collaborative efforts of law enforcement, DNA analysis, and witness cooperation in bringing a suspect with a history of violence to justice.

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