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Dow Drops By More Than 400 Points Due To The Spiking Treasury Yields

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As the US Treasury yields increased to their highest level, Dow drops by 430 points this year, which is its lowest since June, causing the market stocks to fall sharply.

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Dow Drops Continuously This Year

On Tuesday afternoon, the US market stocks reportedly fell sharply as the US Treasury yields climbed to their highest level. The investors are now in shambles as they worry that the spike in treasury yields will stall the housing market further.

According to CNN Business, the Dow drops by 430 points, the lowest since June, and of the entire year. As the Dow Drops continuously, a lot of investors are now worrying that the housing market would be the next victim of the continuous Dow drops this year.

Despite the continuous Dow Drops for the past few months, Fed still believes that a hike could happen and could elevate its rate this year.

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What Causes The Continuous Dow Drops?

The pressure from the continuous rise of US Treasury yields has been the reason for the stock market to lose more than 40% value since July.

The main cause of the continuous Dow Drops these past few months is due to the increase in US Treasury yields. From one of the reports of USA Today, The US Treasury yields spike this time is the highest level it has ever been since 2007. The Dow drops to 1.3% and lost its remaining gains from this year. Nasdaq Composite suffered a market-leading loss of 1.9%.

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