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Duncanville Police Are Being Questioned Following The Arrest A Male, Age 21, Was Hospitalized

Circleville Police Department Officer Terminated For Releasing K-9 Police Dog To A Suspect Who Had His Hands Up Photo From: NBC News

After a man was hospitalized last week for serious injuries sustained during an arrest, Duncanville police are now under intense scrutiny.

Around 11:50 a.m. on August 11th, a caller reported witnessing a Black male in his early 20s exposing himself in an alley in the 900 block of Wayne Avenue.

Officers discovered Keandre Green, age 21, who informed them he was jogging when he stopped to urinate in the alley. Despite this, when police ran a routine computer check on Green, they found that he was wanted for family violence.

Injury To Keandre Green’s face

Green allegedly escaped on foot as police tried to apprehend him, starting a brief pursuit. Green apparently continued to fight back when they got up to him “by keeping his left hand near his waistband and refusing to comply with officers’ commands.”

Police claim that in order to establish control, an officer threatened Green with “being struck in the face” if he disobeyed, using this threat to break up what may have turned violent, according to the department.

Green was then struck twice in the face, the second time causing him to release his hand and permit the officer to arrest him, according to the police.

After this, police allegedly “quickly” placed Green in a recovery position before calling an ambulance for him due to his back pain. After being transported to Charlton Methodist Hospital, Green’s family later noted his injuries, which, according to his lawyer Justin Moore, include three back fractures.

“I was surprised. Green’s cousin Dionna Austin stated, “I couldn’t understand what he could have done to deserve it and I think my entire family felt the exact same way. “I think the arrest was harsh. I think it was unfair, and we need to know why he was treated that way.

Issue Of Violence Warrant

Duncanville Police

Source: CNN

The spinal injuries Green allegedly sustained are not explained by the department’s version of events, according to Moore, who also claimed that the family violence warrant was requested but never granted by a judge.

“We don’t see a warrant that was signed by any judge in Dallas County on any online database request for a warrant,” Moore claimed. That the Duncanville Police Department would use that as justification for breaking a young man’s back is really upsetting and tragic.

There have been requests for the department to make any body camera or dash camera footage of the arrest available as of Monday night. Police stated that they will decide after reviewing them, nevertheless.A fresh charge of fleeing arrest will be brought against Green as a result of the reissue of his original family violence warrant, according to officials.

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