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Dung Doan’s Family Begs For Assistance In Locating The Gunman Outside The Frisco Walmart

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PHOTO: People

One man was injured and another man died in a random shooting near a Frisco Walmart more than a week ago, but police say they still don’t have any suspects in custody and are actively conducting an investigation.

What Happened?

The niece of the 62-year-old Frisco man who was slain in the incident was interviewed by Olivia Leach of CBS News Texas. His family is appealing to the public for assistance in identifying his killer.

“This is what happened to the better life they came here for. Kaitlin Nguyen stated, “Nobody in a million years would have imagined that he would encounter this kind of circumstance in the United States.

About a year ago, Dung Doan, the uncle of Kaitlin Nguyen, left Vietnam to relocate to the US.

“He and his spouse believe that this is a lot safer atmosphere, which is why they obtained a visa to enter the US. Nguyen declared, “This is the land of opportunity.”

Doan supported his family and his son, who had just started college, by putting in long hours six days a week in a bakery.

“He struggled through life, but he always tried to make sure that he provided for his family,” Nguyen said. “Just like any parent, you want more for your kids than what you had.”

Survived The Incident


(Photo: New York Post)

However, he was shot and killed earlier this month in what the police are referring to as a random shooting close to a Frisco Walmart.Although they are still looking into the shooting, Frisco Police have verified that there was an armed robbery. Zach Lowe, age twenty, told his family that before he was shot, someone had asked him for a cigarette and then demanded money. Lowe was shot in the back but managed to survive the incident.

The family of Doan is hoping that someone will come forward with details regarding his murderer. “The individual who ended his life had no right to do so and is still at large. Therefore, I sincerely hope that anyone with information will consider the innocent life he murdered and come forward to assist the authorities in apprehending this a danger,” said Nguyen.

To assist her family with covering the costs of Doan’s funeral and his son’s college education, Doan’s niece has set up a GoFundMe page.

The Frisco police are advising the public to exercise additional caution, refrain from walking by yourself, look down at your phone, or wear headphones when you’re out and about as these actions can make you a target for thieves.

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