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Escape from ankle monitors links two major Texas murders.

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In two capital murder cases in Texas, the murder case of Valadez and the other killing case last year, suspects escaped from charges by disabling their ankle monitors.

Effectiveness and sanction of GPS ankle trackers in review today

Texas lawmakers use it to track offenders by the use of GPS devices. It is more easy to monitor offenders’ movements and positions throughout the community.

Murder cases last year caused the community to question the credibility of the usage of technology to free suspects before their trials. Because their ankle monitors were disabled, the perpetrators of two murder cases in Texas, namely Nina Marano and Charles Anthony Beltran, as well as the other case in Dallas, were able to avoid getting charged with their crimes.

Lisa Dykes the third defendant in the Valadez murder case is still being tried for murder while she is on trial. The trial began last week and went on until Monday. A law is being worked on in Texas that would make it a very serious crime to take off an ankle monitor.

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Texas lawyers’ action against community murder crimes

In Texas, authorities dropped the murder charges against two people who were involved in stabbing and killing a 23-year-old woman from Seattle. The third person charged in the case is still being tried.

The choice to drop the charges came soon after a man in Texas took off his ankle monitor and then went on a shooting spree. This event has made people worry again about the use of technology to free people before their cases.

The attorneys for the two people and Dykes did not answer calls and texts from The Associated Press asking for comments. But a lawyer for Marano, 52, and Dykes, 60, told The Dallas Morning News that he thought the charges would be dropped because Beltran’s account of what happened was not consistent. During an event in August, sheriff’s officers did not arrest Shane James Jr. But, he is now being charged with capital murder for a string of shootings this month in Austin and San Antonio that killed six people.

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