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 Everyday, The Proprietor Of A Fort Worth Eatery Offers A Taste Of Native American pride

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Native Americans have a rich history and have made significant contributions to our nation; November is Native American Heritage Month.

What Happened?

Owner of Hooker’s Grill Ruth Hooker stated, “We want to remind people of the past because it’s real easy to forget.”

A common sight on Native American feasts is fry bread. However, owner Ruth Hooker and her mother Kathryn serve it up for everyone to enjoy at Hooker’s Grill in the center of the Stockyards.

“The frybread itself came out of hard times because back when Natives were displaced and put on reservations, they lost their food source so this was what was brought to them flour other things, they had to make do,”stated hooker.

Members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma make up Ruth’s family. Their homemade frybread is their way of showing off their Native American patriotism to the world, whether it’s served sweet with berry sauce called Wojapi or topped with beans and meat as an Indian taco.

Honoring American Heritage

Native American

Source- Foodwise

According to Hooker, “the frybread is a gateway to education.” “And you know that’s true with all foods when you expose other cultures to your food then now you have a starting point for a conversation.”

They’re making a ton of frybread today for a business honoring Native American Heritage Month. “I’ve seen an uptick on corporations that have had us cater large orders of frybread,” Hooker said. “I haven’t ever seen that happen, before this year.”

“A lot of our ancestors lived with shame just because of who they were,” Hooker added. “So now we can flip the script and put the pride back into the culture that deserves that.”

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