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Ex-NBA Player Chance Comanche Unveils Chilling Details in Shocking Las Vegas Murder Confession

Photo from Google

Marayna Rodgers’ murderer, former Stockton Kings NBA G-League center Chance Comanche, was arrested recently.

Photo from Google

Former NBA Player Confesses to Murder Plot with Girlfriend

Comanche and his girlfriend Sakari Harnden were detained. Despite playing a game the same night, Comanche confessed to authorities, detailing the horrific incident.

Comanche and Harnden found that 19-year-old Rodgers meant to hurt Harnden if she didn’t give up her Rolex watch. This threat prompted the duo to plan to steal Rodgers from her pals. They pretended Comanche was a customer seeking Rodgers and her friend’s services.

Her hands were zip-tied after Rodgers consented. Comanche strangled Rodgers using an HDMI cord, while Harnden used her bare hands. They hid the body in a ditch on Vincenzo Lane in Henderson using rocks after the crime. After executing the horrible crime, the couple went to their hotel room, and Comanche rejoined his squad van.

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NBA Player’s Shocking Murder Confession: FBI Arrest

FBI agents arrested Comanche at the Kings’ compound. Later, he was liberated. Stockton Kings are Sacramento Kings’ G-League affiliate. A 27-year-old Arizona Wildcats player, the Comanche briefly played for the Portland Trail Blazers on April 9, 2023, scoring seven points, three rebounds, and a block.

Investigators disclosed the mysterious circumstances of Rodgers’ death. Comanche’s confession revealed Harnden and Rodgers’ conflict. The terrifying plot by the former basketball player and his girlfriend began when Rodgers revealed he wanted to hurt Harnden over a Rolex watch.

The crime’s terrible nature and Comanche’s unexpected involvement have shaken the town. Authorities continue to investigate to bring justice to Marayna Rodgers and her heartbroken family.

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