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Examining the 10 Riskiest Cities in the US for 2023

The most dangerous cities in the US

10 Most Dangerous Cities in the US in 2023. (PHOTO: Southwest Journal)

The Southwest Journal says that people think about safety when they decide where to live and move. Researching crime rates and property and city safety trends is something I do for a living. People who live in and visit many American towns are being affected by rising crime rates. Residents and people who want to buy homes are checking their home security systems to make sure they are safe because of these worries.

Town of Stockton

3 751 major crimes and 9 771 property crimes happen in Stockton, California. One in 79 people is robbed or hurt. There were 14.6 killings and 1,415 major crimes for every 100,000 people in 2023. Even though it’s hard, street shows try to make public places better, cut down on crime, and build trust.

There in Kansas City

It’s not clear what problems Kansas City is having after 7,915 violent events and 20,842 property incidents. Murder and violence in gangs raise the risk of violence to 1 in 69. Out of every 100,000 people, 23.8 were killed and 1,326.4 were seriously hurt in 2023. Kansas City spends money on schooling, economic growth, and local law enforcement to fix these problems.

New Mexico

7,737 major crimes and 26,883 property crimes happen in Albuquerque every year. It has the most thefts of cars and violent crimes (1 in 72). The murder rate was 12.4%, and the major crime rate was 1,127.7% per 100,000 people in 2023. Albuquerque fights crime and poverty by getting people involved in their communities, reducing bloodshed, and making jobs available.

Notting Hill

Some 3,031 people are hurt and 8,933 things are stolen in Cleveland, which is known for its music. It’s dangerous, with 1 in 58 people being hurt by drug and property crimes. The murder rate was 21.5 per 100,000 people, and the major crime rate was 1,517.8 per 100,000 women. Cleveland’s top objectives are local law enforcement, schooling, and economic growth.

The city of Milwaukee

13 319 violent crimes and 9 604 property crimes happen in Milwaukee, which is known for its beer. Every 60 times, there is an attack or crime. In 2023, for every 100,000 people, there were 20.4 killings and 1,333.4 major crimes. Poverty and unfairness have an effect on the crime rate in Milwaukee.

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Rockville, Arkansas

This is not true. There are 10,128 property crimes and 3,321 major crimes in Little Rock. One in 49 people is a victim of heavy property theft and gang bloodshed. Even though they don’t get as much attention, community projects like turning old buildings into apartments and centers improve moods and lower crime.

Memphis, Tennessee

Even though Memphis is known for its great food and music, it also has a lot of crime: 6,405 property violations and 1,901 major crimes. One in eighteen people is abused violently, which is a very high rate. At-risk teens are drawn to community police and teachers who used to be in gangs.


There are 11,101 major crimes and 25,748 property crimes in Baltimore. High rates of murder and drug crime make it more likely for 1 in 64 people to be seriously hurt. The city has a lot of history, but area art activities try to keep damage and small offenses to a minimum.

Ford City

Detroit used to make cars, and it now has 13,705 serious crimes and 31,630 property crimes. One in 43 people is a victim of heavy property theft and gang bloodshed. Even though there are problems, city leaders work to improve business and facilities.

The city of St. Louis

St. Louis is the most risky city, with 14,788 serious crimes and 28,214 property crimes. One in eighteen people will be attacked when the murder rate is highest, which causes stress. For big emergencies, we need a neighborhood safety plan.

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