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Families Of Fentanyl Overdose Deaths In North Texas Foot The Bill For Public Awareness Campaign Because “Nobody Warned Us”

drug bust in Los Angeles
27 suspected gang members was arrested in a major drug bust in Los Angeles. (PHOTO: iSTOCK)

More than a year has passed since Shannon Chapman lost her daughter Bailey, who was 22 years old, to fentanyl. She revealed, “She was the mother of my lovely granddaughter, Allie.”

 What Happened?

Chapman is one of several North Texas parents who lost children to the drug and are funding a public awareness campaign out of their own pockets.

“There is no public awareness,” she declared. There would not be awareness if it weren’t for this group and all the other fentanyl awareness Facebook groups; the government is doing nothing.

The 24 victims’ relatives met in North Richland Hills behind a billboard they each donated $70 to, hoping to prevent others from suffering through what they had.

“Nobody alerted us of the threat. Officer Moreno stated, “We had no warning indications like this when our kids died, and we had no information about fentanyl.

Sebastian, her late son, is the driving force for the “Bash’en Fentanyl” campaign, which features two digital billboards in the Mid-Cities.

They label them as drug addicts, but when they see these young, attractive faces, they understand that anyone may get addicted to drugs, according to Moreno.

Increasing Awareness Of Narcotics


Source: CNN

In an effort to raise awareness of the drug, the soon-to-be-released documentary “Fentanyl Unlimited” profiles victims in Texas and looks at whether enough is being done to prevent it from crossing the border.

“The drug cartels from Mexico, I mean, they control the border,” said documentary filmmaker Charlie Minn. “Let’s face the facts here. There is no barrier in my eyes. Because it’s so open, almost anyone could smuggle in.

Minn concurs with these families that there are far too few people who are aware of the dangers that fentanyl brings to impressionable young people.

“We need more social programs, more education, and more fentanyl awareness,” he declared. “Almost everyone needs to have access to Narcan.”

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