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Family Farm Inheritance: Wis. Man Sentenced to Life for Fatally Poisoning Mother Over Dispute

(Photo from: Farm Aid)

For deliberately murdering his mother, Diana Way, with carbon monoxide, 52-year-old Dodgeville, Wisconsin, resident Aric Way was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Aric committed this horrific murder because he was upset that his mother sold the family land to lifelong friends.

 Family Farm Inheritance: Wis. Man Sentenced to Life for Fatally Poisoning Mother Over Dispute (Photo from: Farm Aid)

Dispute Over Family Farm Inheritance

The serene landscape of Iowa County was marred by a chilling crime as Aric Way orchestrated a devious plan to halt his mother’s intentions of passing on the family farm to her trusted acquaintances. Reports indicate that the 72-acre farmstead on Hunter Hollow Road became the center of a bitter dispute when Diana Way sought to finalize the sale to her friends. Way’s resentment towards the prospective transfer of the family farm manifested in his desperate attempts to gain legal guardianship over his mother. However, his efforts were thwarted as the court dismissed his petition for incompetency, deepening his animosity towards his mother’s decision.

As the dispute escalated, Diana Way took measures to safeguard her estate from her son’s grasp by altering her will, thereby ensuring that her son, Philip Schmidt-Way, would inherit what remained of her belongings. However, this move only fueled Aric Way’s malevolent intentions, leading to a tragic culmination.

On that fateful July day in 2021, the tranquility of the Way household was shattered when emergency responders discovered Diana Way lifeless in her bedroom, succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning. This gruesome act not only robbed the family of their matriarch but also exposed the depths of betrayal within kinship.

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Unraveling the Deception

The investigation into Diana Way’s untimely demise unveiled a web of deceit and premeditation that implicated both Aric Way and his son, Philip Schmidt-Way, in the ghastly crime. Authorities uncovered damning evidence pointing to Aric Way’s culpability, including surveillance footage capturing a truck similar to his son’s, the presence of carbon monoxide-related materials in their possession, and incriminating internet searches, all painting a sinister picture of meticulous planning.

As the trial progressed, the truth behind Diana Way’s tragic end emerged, highlighting the lengths to which some would go to secure their stake in a family farm inheritance, even at the cost of a loved one’s life.

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