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Fentanyl Trafficking Strike Force: Secretary Treasury Janet Yellen To Promote The New Strike Force In Mexico

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (Photo: livemint)

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is set to travel next week to Mexico City in order to promote the new fentanyl trafficking strike force. Promoting the new fentanyl trafficking strike force is an effort to put a stop to the movement of the powerful opioid and any drug-making materials into the US.

Fentanyl trafficking (Photo: reuters)

Promoting Fentanyl Trafficking Strike Force In Mexico City Next Week

The US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, is set to travel to Mexico City next week. This trip to Mexico is for the Treasury Secretary to promote her agency’s fentanyl trafficking strike force with Mexican counterparts. Aside from promoting the new strike force in fentanyl trafficking, the trip’s goal is to also strengthen the role of Mexico in the supply chains in the United States.

According to VOA News, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will include meetings with the president of Mexico City, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Aside from the President of Mexico City, Janet Yellen will also meet the central bank governor and the financial minister of the country. One of the main discussions will include fentanyl trafficking and trafficking funding.

Last month, both the presidents of the United States and China, President Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping agreed that they would deepen their cooperation when it comes to controlling and stopping fentanyl precursor chemicals coming from China, which are mixed by Mexican drug gangs before distributing it in the United States.

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China And Mexico City, Primary Source Of Fentanyl Trafficking In The U.S.

In an article by US News, the Drug Enforcement Administration reported that the main sources of fentanyl trafficking in the United States are Mexico City and China.

The Biden administration has taken actions against fentanyl trafficking, this includes charging powerful traffickers with drug and money laundering offenses and announcing indictments against Chinese companies that are blamed for fentanyl trafficking.

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