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Find Out Everything About California Unemployment Benefits; Check If You Meet The Eligibility Criteria

California Unemployment Benefits
California Unemployment Benefits; Source- MARCA

Because there are still millions of unemployed individuals and benefits are needed to help those who are looking for jobs, unemployment is still one of the hardest issues for taxpayers to address.

California Unemployment Benefits

California Unemployment Benefits; Source-Mint

Unemployment Benefits

With the help of its new contractor for unemployment and disability benefits, the Employment Development Department (EDD) intends to put an end to the recent spate of scams. 850,000 benefit claimants will get notifications from the EDD about Money Network, the new payment source. In mid-January, those getting unemployment, incapacity, and paid vacation benefits from the EDD will be issued new Money Network debit cards. Officially, payments on these cards will start on February 15.

Deadline To Use Funds

The deadline for using the funds on Bank of America EDD debit cards is April 15. Both security chips as well as tap-to-pay features, which are typical of consumer credit cards, will be available on the new EDD cards. The range of your weekly benefit amount (WBA) is $40 to $450. Use the unemployment compensation calculator to get an idea of what you will get. Before receiving benefits, you have to complete a one-week unpaid time frame on your claim.

Eligibility Criteria For Unemployment Benefits

You must fulfill all eligibility conditions both when applying and while certifying for benefits to be eligible for unemployment benefits. Throughout the base period, you had to have made sufficient pay. You have to be unemployed full-time or part-time. It must be entirely out of your control that you are unemployed. To work, you have to be physically capable. You have to be open to working. You have to be prepared and eager to start working right away. The $5.2 billion initiative was started in 2021 to assist Californians in paying off debt they had accrued from rentals during the pandemic. The program’s funding to assist individuals impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic in 2019–2021 is running low. Even though it ceased accepting new applications in 2022, there are currently over 70,000 households that have unfinished applications. Only slightly over 14,000 individuals can be covered by the program’s budget, which means that 80% of all applicants will not be accepted.

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