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Following A Two-Day Manhunt, Authorities Announce That Maine Gunman Robert Card Was Discovered Dead

the charges against Ferguson stem from the Suburban Boston triple homicide case brutal killings of Gilda D’Amore, 73, Bruno D’Amore, 74, and Lucia Arpino. (Photo: LV Criminal Defense)
the charges against Ferguson stem from the Suburban Boston triple homicide case brutal killings of Gilda D’Amore, 73, Bruno D’Amore, 74, and Lucia Arpino. (Photo: LV Criminal Defense)

The Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office revealed on Friday that 40-year-old Robert Card, the gunman responsible for the mass shootings that left 18 people dead in Lewiston, Maine, has been found dead.

What Happened?

A recycling plant in the Lisbon region is where law officers discovered the gunman’s body, according to various law enforcement sources. At a press conference on Friday evening, Maine Department of Public Safety Commissioner Mike Sauschuck stated that the man had self-inflicted gunshot wounds and passed away.

Authorities announced on Saturday that the gunman’s body had been discovered in the rear of a tractor-trailer in the overflow parking lot at the Maine Recycling Corporation. Although the gunman’s workplace, the shop, had been examined by authorities twice previously, according to Sauschuck, they had not searched the overflow lot. According to Sauschuck, the property’s owner had called the police and asked them to investigate.

The gunman was from Bowdoin, a small town approximately 35 minutes from Lewiston, where highly armed police had surrounded a residence for several hours on Thursday night. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to find him there.

Police said on Friday that underwater searches were being carried out by divers close to the site where his abandoned car was discovered.

Several People Died


Source: CNN

The horrific spree started on Wednesday night just before 7 p.m. local time when Lewiston police received a 911 call reporting a shooting at Sparetime Recreation, a bowling alley. Six males and one women died there, according to police, from what appeared to be gunshot wounds. Sauschuck reported that three patients were in critical care.

Police were alerted to the location of another shooting at Scheme Gees Bar and Grille, which was located a few miles away, just over ten minutes later at 7:08 p.m. Police reported that eight persons had died there. Hospitals in the region also lost three more lives.

Two U.S. authorities and a former high-ranking official told CBS News that investigators were investigating if the gunman might have been targeting a specific person, who is thought to be a current or former lover. She might have been in one of the two attacked locations, but it was unclear.

According to the medical examiner, the age range of the victims in the mass shooting was 14 to 76. Among them were a cherished father, a 14-year-old and his father, a bar manager who attempted to stop the gunman, a kid-teaching bowling instructor, and a number of participants in a cornhole competition for deaf athletes.

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