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For An Automobile Accident, North Texas Law Enforcement Agencies Are Still Looking For Logan Jacinto

NYPD Police (Photo: ibtimes)

A man who was last spotted on January 2 is being sought for by a number of North Texas law enforcement organization’s.

What Happened?

On January 2, just after 8:30 p.m., Logan Jacinto, 40, was involved in an automobile accident close to Highway 175 and Jiba Road. Authorities were informed by a witness to the collision that the driver of the car fled the scene.

He texted his wife, informing her that although it was raining, he would still make it home. However, his family claims that witnesses told police that he crashed his car into a guardrail after losing control of it.

His wife reported him missing on January 3rd, right before 7 p.m. Deputies from the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office visited the accident site a few hours later. The woodland region was reported to be empty.

Logan Chance Jacinto’s sister Sydonia said, “We’ve just been out there nonstop rain cold night dark it doesn’t matter we’re out there searching for him.”

Car Crash

Logan Jacinto

Source: CNBC’s

The crash site location, the creek, and the nearby woods were still being searched by Kaufman police, Texas Parks and Wildlife Officers, DPS Air 1, Kemp, and Mabank Fire Department dive teams, as well as deputies from the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office on January 4. Once more, they discovered nothing and no one.

“It’s very emotional our hearts are heavy, we’re scared that he’s just out there hurting,” stated Sydonia Jacinto. “He’s in pain, he’s cold, we just feel like he doesn’t know that we’re out there looking for him.”

He’ll still be sought after, according to the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office. Sydonia Jacinto remarked, “We have hope that he’s still hanging on waiting for us to come find him.”

Jacinto’s family has set up independent volunteer search teams since the collision. Alfonso Solis, a volunteer, is assisting in leading the search this afternoon.

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