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For Curious Minds: A List of the Most Dangerous Cities in Indiana


Is your city part of this list’s most dangerous cities in Indiana? Read more to find out.


Indiana has done a pretty good job in keeping the spread of crime across the state. However, Indiana’s overall property and violent crimes, whilst not above the national average, still could do some work. To show you how to navigate yourself in the Hoosier State, here is a list of the most dangerous cities in Indiana.


According to Road Snacks, the crime in Indiana is centered around its biggest cities with high unemployment, low wages, and high crime rates. Find out the most dangerous cities in Indiana in today’s list.


  1. TERRE HAUTE. Terre Haute sits in the middle of rural Indiana, providing home to Indiana State University and Swope Art Museum. However, this city ranks 1st among the most dangerous cities in Indiana. There is a high rate of burglaries with 901 crimes for a city with a population of 60,373. Terre Haute is also experiencing high number of arsons and car thefts.


  1. SOUTH BEND. Home to the University of Notre Dame, South Bend is the 2nd among the most dangerous cities in Indiana. The city has the fifth highest burglary rate in the state, with 571 car thefts recorded back in 2021. However, the biggest issue here is violent crime, with the highest worst violent crime rate in Indiana with having 1 in 57 chance of being victim.


  1. ELKHART. Plagued by high crime rates and a concerning level of violence, Elkhart is 3rd amongst the most dangerous cities in Indiana as this city has experienced 693 violent crimes – 9 murders, 83 rapes, 55 robberies, and 546 aggravated assaults. Property crime is also high with reported incidents at 1,694 (including 218 burglaries).

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Indiana is not a dangerous state per se, as it ranks as the 22nd safest city in the US. However, it is much better to be aware of the most dangerous cities in Indiana or any other state, that is, to be safer.


  1. EVANSVILLE. The third biggest city is the 4th among the most dangerous cities in Indiana as there have been 3,163 reported larceny cases back in 2021. Residents have a 1 in 27 chance of being victim of property crime over the years. The city also has the 8th highest rape cases in the state.


  1. MICHIGAN CITY. Located in LaPorte County, this city is the 5th among the most dangerous cities in Indiana as the city’s crime statistics reveals concerning level of criminal activities that contributes to the reputation of being a dangerous city. There has been a 577 violent crimes per 100k and property crime of 4,182 per 100k.


  1. INDIANAPOLIS. The biggest city in the state and the state capital, however, it is also the 6th among the most dangerous cities in Indiana as it is the capital of different types of crime. This city suffers the 3.0 highest pace of robberies in the state. Residents also worry about the 239 murders that happen in a year.

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