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Ford Announces $10,400 Average Profit-Sharing Bonus for U.S. Autoworkers in 2023

$10,400 Average Profit-Sharing Bonuses to U.S. Autoworkers Year 2023

Ford Announces $10,400 Average Profit-Sharing Bonus for U.S. Autoworkers in 2023. (PHOTO: ArcaMax)

Ford Motor Co. announced on Tuesday that regular autoworkers across the country will receive $10,400 in average profit-sharing bonuses for the fiscal year 2023 according to Detroit News article. This shows that the new profit-sharing plan that was agreed upon during contract talks with the UAW last year has been put into place. The big bonus shows that Ford has been successful and wants to share its success with its workers. This shows that Ford is still committed to a harmonious workplace and solidifies its position as a leader in the car industry.

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GM Cuts Average Profit-Sharing Payouts, Installs $12,250 Hourly Bonuses

Average profit-sharing compensation for eligible GM hourly workers dipped to $12,250 from last year’s record $12,750. Although large manufacturers have average profit-sharing and financial performance. In innovative, competitive industries, labor relations matter. Ford and GM workers profit. Ford’s generous incentives show accomplishment and employee care. Ford enhances workplace harmony and automotive leadership.

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