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Four Aggravated Child Abuse Charges, Utah Mom Blogger Ruby Franke Admits Guilt

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In St. George, Utah parenting blogger Ruby Franke and co-defendant Jodi Hildebrandt pled guilty to four counts of second-degree aggravated child abuse.

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Utah Mommy Blogger Pleads Guilty to Child Abuse Charges in Disturbing Case

The police rescued Franke’s six children from Hildebrandt’s home after reports of abuse. The court filings showed physical and emotional abuse, with one youngster being forced to perform physically demanding chores, exposed to sunlight for long periods, and denied food and drink. Another child suffered emotional injury from being labeled evil and possessed.

One child tried to escape in July, resulting in constant hand and foot binding, including weights and two sets of handcuffs. The plea arrangement requires Franke to testify against Hildebrandt. Franke will be sentenced on February 20. A neighbor reported the abuse after one of Franke’s sons, emaciated and with tape around his legs, sought aid. The boy reported the abuse, and authorities found Franke’s four other children elsewhere.

After being isolated, made to complete physical activities, refused food and drink, and accused of being evil and possessed, one youngster suffered emotional injury, according to court filings. Franke admits culpability and mourns her family and children in the plea bargain. Franke and Hildebrandt, known for their parenting and lifestyle YouTube channel, were initially charged with two child abuse crimes, but each was later charged with four. Unredacted police files do not name Franke’s spouse, Kevin Franke.

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Guilty Plea of Utah Mommy Blogger Sparks Concerns About Parenting Influencers

The disturbing abuse details raised worries about parenting influencers and their children. Franke’s guilty plea puts social media personalities who post about their families under scrutiny. The judicial procedures highlight the need to balance personal freedom and child safety in social media parenting content.

Franke’s confession is a sad reminder of the need to immediately address child abuse charges and protect vulnerable people, especially when their lives are widely exposed online.

READ ALSO: Utah mommy blogger Ruby Franke pleads guilty to 4 counts of aggravated child abuse


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