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Gas Prices In Iowa Continues To Drop At A Slow Pace

Iowa gas Prices Drops Again (Photo: bigcountry1077)

Gas prices in Iowa have been continuously dropping for the past few months this year, according to Iowa’s weekly fuel report.

Murphy, USA Gas Station (Photo: Foursquare)

Gas Prices In Iowa Dropped Again

According to Triple A Iowa officials, gas prices in Iowa continue to decline. In an article by Kmaland in Triple A Iowa’s weekly fuel report, the price of unleaded gasoline is $3.52 on average per gallon across the state, which is 15 cents lower than last week.

Gas prices in Iowa, such as retail diesel prices, also fell this week, with a $4.30 statewide price per gallon, which is 35 cents lower than last year.

Triple A added that the global crude oil price fell this week by $6.49 per barrel on West Texas Intermediate. Currently, the price of global crude oil is at $86.14.

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Iowa Ranks In The Middle Of The Country For Gas Prices

Because of the low gas prices in Iowa, the state has found its place in the middle ranks for the cheapest gas in the country. According to the Des Moines Register, due to the low gas prices in Iowa, they have the 21st-cheapest gas in the country, with a statewide average of $3.43 per gallon.

Murphy USA, 907 E Baker Street, has the lowest gas prices in Iowa, at $2.89. The second-lowest gas prices in Iowa can be purchased at Casey’s, 2105 E. Washington Street, with $2.93. The last lowest gas prices in Iowa are in BP, 2020 E. Washington Street with $2.93.

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