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Gen. Jack Keane: President Biden White House is effectively ‘shutting down’ the US military

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Jack Keane, a retired general, accused President Joe Biden of obstructing military operations to defeat Iranian-backed rocket strikes.

Photo from Google

Gen. Keane Expresses Concerns Over Biden’s Handling of Houthi Threats

Keane worried about the Biden White House’s hesitation to act forcefully despite the military’s desire. He noted that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin organized a task force to resist Houthi threats on maritime shipping after the USS Carney intercepted 14 Houthi drones in Yemen.

In an interview with Martha MacCallum of Fox News, Gen. Keane questioned the administration’s decision to curtail military action against the Houthi rebels. He questioned whether the Biden White House was preventing the military from responding to the threat. Gen. Keane stated the administration’s caution may be due to fear of escalation and war.

Gen. Keane noted that Iranian-backed militias have attacked U.S. posts and people, including the recent shelling of the Iraqi Embassy. He doubted the Biden administration’s explanation. Gen. Keane claimed that Iran had employed proxies to avoid direct conflict with the US out of concern for their regime.

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Calls for Stronger Action Against Iranian Threats

The retired general called for a more robust approach and blasted the Biden administration’s lack of spine in handling the worsening issue. He called the administration’s inaction disgusting, saying it put American troops and sailors at risk. Gen. Keane criticized the administration for not escalating.

The Biden administration has been criticized for lifting sanctions, enabling Iraq to buy Iranian electricity, and freeing revenue from Iranian oil exports. These acts cast doubt on the administration’s resolve to combat Iranian aggression. In the face of rising Iranian-backed threats, Gen. Keane stressed the need for determination and decisiveness to safeguard American interests and soldiers.

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