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“Georgia’s Risky Cities 2023

Georgia, United States (Photo:|)

When you’re chilling at home, feeling safe is super important. But if you’re thinking about moving to Georgia, you gotta know that some places are riskier than others. Georgia’s got awesome spots with beaches and history, but it also has cities with more crime, especially at night. We checked out FBI data to figure out the riskiest cities in Georgia for 2023, focusing on violence and property issues in cities with over 5,000 people. We’re not saying the cops are bad, and every city has safe parts. Georgia is in the riskier part of U.S. states, and these cities are a big reason. So, before you dig into local grub and drinks, take a sec to know how safe the place is if you’re thinking about moving to Georgia.

Most Dangerous Cities in Georgia (PHOTO: google)

Georgia’s riskiest cities for 2023

According to Southwest Journal, here’s the lowdown on Georgia’s riskiest cities for 2023. Eastman, known for pecan logs, takes the tenth spot with burglary and robbery rates. LaGrange, close to Alabama, is ninth, dealing with a high property crime rate. Cordele, famous for watermelons, is eighth with larceny and sexual assault rates. Moving on, Forest Park, south of Atlanta, is seventh, dealing with more car thefts and larcenies. Griffin, with a cool history, is sixth, facing high larceny and burglary rates. Waycross, a travel hub in southeast Georgia, ranks fifth with the state’s fifth-highest crime rate.

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Now, the top four riskiest cities are no joke. Albany is fourth, with the second-highest violent crime and burglary rates. Garden City, despite its name, is third with Georgia’s third-highest violent crime rate. Americus takes second place, showing the need to cut down on crime. And College Park, housing the world’s busiest airport, is the riskiest for 2023. It’s based on FBI data, looking at larger cities with over 5,000 people.

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Safety tips in traveling Georgia

Now, when you’re traveling in Georgia, safety is key. Stay informed about local conditions and use trustworthy transportation. Keep your stuff secure, be aware of your surroundings, and be careful in busy or dark areas. Save emergency contacts, share your plans, and be cautious about your health. Respect local ways, use maps, and trust your instincts. These simple tips can make your Georgia trip awesome and safe.

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