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Get $10,000 Free: Drop Your Phone for a Chance!

Put down your phone and win cash! Siggi’s Dairy Challenges You to a Month Without Screens in ‘Dry January’ Fun.

Take a break from your phone with Siggi’s contest. (PHOTO: The US Sun)

Choosing to put down your phone in favor of simple life

According to The US Sun report, people in the US are being encouraged to use their phones less by Siggi’s Dairy Challenge. $10,000, a flip phone, a box to keep your phone safe, a one-month phone plan, and 60 cups of Siggi’s yogurt are up for grabs. The goal is to make life easier by spending less time in front of screens, which is bad for your body and mind. Siggi’s Yogurt, which is well known for being straightforward, is sponsoring this event. They tell people to enjoy life without computers. The goal of this task is to break up the constant buzzing and sound of cell phones, which the average person uses for 5.4 hours a day and with which 71% of people sleep.

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Getting excited for a yearly movie break

This is a great idea, and Siggi’s Yogurt hopes it lasts all year. Contestants are very excited about posting about how great it is to have time without screens. While we wait to see who wins, the game makes us think about putting our health ahead of our phones.

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Picking a winner and emailing them

From January 17 to 31, the event takes place. Members give details and sign up online. The judges will choose the winners around February 15, 2024. The top 10 will get emails congratulating them. Waiting makes the task interesting, and this method makes sure that everyone is treated fairly.

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