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Gilgo Beach Serial Killings Breakthrough: Rex Heuermann Charged with Fourth Murder

Photo from The Daily Beast

Rex Heuermann, a 60-year-old man charged with the murders of three women, is anticipated to face fresh charges in connection with a fourth victim in the Gilgo Beach serial homicides. A trusted source has revealed the newest information about a decade-old Long Island case.

Photo from the Economic Times

Rex Heuermann Faces New Charges in Gilgo Beach Murders

The community-shaking case will be complicated by Heuermann’s expected charges in Suffolk County Court next Tuesday. When CBS News contacted the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, they were coy, intensifying the suspense of the court proceedings.

In December 2010, Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Costello’s corpses were found on Gilgo Beach. Heuermann was arrested in July 2023 for their murders. As of now, prosecutors believe he killed a fourth woman, Maureen Brainard-Barnes.

Despite the grisly charges, the 60-year-old former architect denies guilt. He has been jailed without bond at Suffolk County Jail since his arrest awaiting the outcome of a national scandal.

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DNA Matches and Burner Phones Link Rex Heuermann to Gilgo Beach Serial Killings in Ongoing Mystery

Court documents show a thorough investigation that led to Heuermann. Cell site data linked victims’ phones to the suspect’s several prepaid burner phones in 2022 after a thorough investigation. Moreover, a hair on burlap wrapped around one victim matched Heuermann’s DNA from a pizza box crust he discarded.

In late 2010, a serial killer was suspected of killing at least 10 people near Gilgo Beach. Investigations began for the missing woman Shannen Gilbert. Gilgo Four revealed a horrific story of 20-something ladies with burlap bags on their bodies.

The neighborhood waits for the judicial proceedings, but this unresolved mystery haunts them, evoking a sense of anxiety and uncertainty that has persisted for too long.

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