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Global Governance: China’s Proposal For Its Reform And Development

President Xi Jinping (Photo: USNI)

As China continues to be a global leader of the Global South, President Xi seeks to reform global governance. 

China seeks reform of Global Governance (Photo: orfonline)

Amid The Competition With US, China Prioritizes Talks On Reforms Of Global Governance

President Xi and other Communist Party officials have been outspoken critics of the US-led international order. China has made it obvious that they want to see a comprehensive transformation of global governance through a slew of projects and ideas, like President Xi’s “Global Security Initiative.”

According to the United States Institute of Peace ,  Xi’s absence from the annual General Assembly could be due to local issues such as China’s economic crisis, military corruption scandals, and unexpected changes in senior leadership.

However, it may also be because of Xi prioritizing other international organizations, such as the BRICS grouping, that further China’s interests and approaches to global governance.


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China To Strengthen Global Governance For the Future of The Current And Coming Generations

In China’s proposal, they mentioned that their mission is to cement solidarity and cooperation, advance the reform of the global governance system, and to help strengthen the core role of the UN.

China wants to strengthen the communication with UN, the g20, International monetary bank, as well as World Bank to improve the macroeconomic policy and the economic global governance.

It is also included in the proposal that the key to the reform of the global governance is through balanced fairness and efficiency. Another key to the reform of global governance is by addressing global challenges and conforming to the historical trend of peace.


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