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Gloria Choice’s Family Is Still Looking For Answers Over Eighteen Years After Her Passing

Mass Shooting in a Seattle Parking Lot Leaves 5 Injured; 2 Shooters at Large, Police Say (Photo: Columbian)
Mass Shooting in a Seattle Parking Lot Leaves 5 Injured; 2 Shooters at Large, Police Say (Photo: Columbian)

Gloria Choice, 47, was killed, and her family in North Texas is still fighting for justice nearly 18 years after she passed away.

Choice was slain on December 9, 2005, in a deserted apartment at 5855 Goldenwood Dr. in Fort Worth, which used to be the Willows of Woodhaven apartment complex. According to police documents, the mother-of-four’s body was discovered with her pants pulled down to her feet on the floor of a back bedroom. She was left in a pool of her own blood after being struck in the head by an unidentified object.

Detective Thomas O’Brien of the Fort Worth Police Department stated in a 2022 interview that the motivation was most likely sexual assault.

The Arrest

Days became weeks, and weeks became months, but the family never gave up faith that they would eventually get answers. And they received just that after seven years and a new detective.

Gloria Choice

Source: CNN

On March 27, 2012, Michael Leon Davis was taken into custody for the murder of Choice. He was thirty years old.

Even though Davis was not unfamiliar with the investigation, the arrest happened years after her passing. In fact, he allegedly flagged down an officer and told him he had information about Choice’s killing just a few days after her body was discovered.

When Gloria Was Murdered, Were You At That Apartment With Her?

According to the arrest warrant, Davis was lying based on the test findings. O’Brien claimed that he typed up the arrest warrant due to Davis’ contradictory accounts, his failed polygraph, and the witness selecting his picture from two lineups.

However, Davis was released two days later and has never been charged again in connection with Choice’s death due to the absence of tangible evidence, his relative’s retracted statement, and the witness’s inability to recognize him in a third lineup.

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