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GOP Senators Call For China Travel Ban To Prevent The Spread Of Unknown Respiratory Illness

A new respiratory illness is spreading in China (Photo: MSN)

Five GOP senators wrote to President Joe Biden demanding a travel ban with China to stop the spread of the escalating case of an unknown respiratory illness inside the communist nation.



GOP senators call for travel ban on China (Photo: MSN)

GOP Senators Demand A Travel Ban On China

SOURCE– A group of GOP senators have written to President Joe Biden, demanding that the president implement a travel ban on China. The GOP senators call for a travel ban is due to an alarming rise in an unknown respiratory illness in China.

The letter was penned Friday by GOP senators Marco Rubio, JD Vance, Rick Scott, Tommy Tuberville, and Mike Braun. The GOP senators call for President Biden to immediately restrict travel between the United States and China until more information regarding the new respiratory illness and the danger it poses is gathered.

The GOP senators pointed out China’s long history of “lying about public health crises.” The GOP senators called for swift action to be taken to protect the health of Americans and also the economy.

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Travel Ban Now Could Save The Country From Death And Lockdowns, Says GOP Senators

According to Fox News, in the letter penned by the GOP senators, they pointed out that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the CCP’s lack of transparency robbed the US of vital knowledge about the virus and its origin. The GOP senators wrote that restricting travel between the US and China until more information is known about the new illness is something that should be implemented immediately.

This travel ban could save the United States from death, mandates, lockdowns, and further outbreaks later, the GOP senators wrote. GOP senators added that if history is any indication, then we have cause to be concerned.

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