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 Hamas Releases Two Hostages, American Mother And Daughter Judith And Natalie Raanan

Israel airstrike casualties in Gaza (Photo: Reddit)

The Hamas militant organisation on Friday freed two American hostages, a woman and her daughter from a Chicago suburb, according to official statements. A spokeswoman for the Israeli prime minister’s office identified the released captives as dual-citizens of the United States and Israel, Judith and Natalie Raanan.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office stated that Israel’s military and security personnel met the two Raanans at the country’s border with the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by Hamas. The International Committee of the Red Cross claimed in a statement that the Raanans were taken from Gaza by the organisation.

To be reunited with family, they were being transported to a military base. Netanyahu’s office released a picture of the Raanans late on Friday night in Israel.

Following their rescue from Hamas on October 20, 2023, Natalie Raanan, wearing a grey shirt, and her mother, Judith, are pictured with Israeli security troops.

How Many Americans Are Held Captive By Hamas?

Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced in Washington that ten more Americans are still missing following the horrific terror attack that Hamas carried out in southern Israel on October 7, which precipitated a conflict.

What Made Natalie Raanan And Judith Raanan Freed By Hamas?

A post on a Telegram channel connected to Hamas stated that the release was made for “humanitarian reasons.”


Source: The Daily Telegraph

Blinken responded that the hostages should be released unconditionally when questioned about a claim made by Hamas that all of the civilian captives may be freed if Israel’s airstrikes ceased.

The war started about two weeks ago, when they were released. As it started to evacuate a village close to its northern border with Lebanon, Israel announced that more Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip were hit by its continuous airstrikes on Friday.

According to CBS News reporting from inside Gaza, the cessation of Friday’s bombings in the early afternoon caught some in the Palestinian enclave off guard and led some to question whether there was a cease-fire.

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