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Hate Crime Charges Filed After Stabbing Incident at Grand Central Terminal in New York

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Esteban Esono-Asue, a New York City man, was charged with hate crimes for stabbing two teenage Paraguayan tourists at a Grand Central Terminal restaurant on Christmas Day. Just before the unprovoked attack on the 14- and 16-year-old girls, the suspect allegedly made nasty remarks regarding white people.

Photo from Google

Hate Crime Stabbing at Grand Central Terminal: Suspect Charged After Anti-White Remarks

Esono-Asue, 36, otherwise known as Steven Hutcherson, is accused of stabbing the teens in the Manhattan transit hub. He reportedly made anti-white remarks in the Tartinery dining area, causing a fight. After an employee requested him to leave, Esono-Asue said, “I’ll leave, I don’t want the white man to get at you.” After requesting a table, he made another anti-white insult.

Another employee said Esono-Asue approached a white table, pulled out a knife, and stabbed one of the females in the back after sitting. He stabbed the younger girl in the thigh as the family fled. With non-life-threatening injuries, both victims were hospitalized.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesperson: Esono-Asue was arrested quickly and without incident. He was charged with hate crimes such as attempted murder, assault, and child endangerment. The judge ordered him kept without bail until his Friday court appearance after he pleaded not guilty.

Paraguayan Consulate Offers Support to Victims in Wake of Hate Crime Stabbing at Grand Central Terminal

New York’s Paraguayan consulate general is helping the victims’ families, who were visiting. Consul Luis Dominguez confirmed support. Esono-Asue pled guilty to assault and obtained a conditional discharge for threatening a man on November 7. This legal issue was discovered in court records.

This tragic occurrence shows the terrible effects of a hate-fueled attack on innocent victims and raises public safety concerns. Esono-Asue’s charges will be decided by the courts when the victims recover from the stabbing.

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