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Hidden Dangers: Uncovering Iowa’s Most Perilous Cities and Their Rising Crime Rates

Photo from Google
Located across the Missouri River from Omaha, Nebraska, Council Bluffs faces significant hidden dangers, boasting the third-highest murder rate in Iowa. (Photo: Google)

Let’s explore the hidden dangers lurking in the most vulnerable urban areas of the Hawkeye State.

Keokuk, once peaceful and linked to corn and Howard Hughes, has seen a recent decline. (Photo: Google)

Iowa, celebrated for its rural charm and reputation for safety compared to other states, still conceals hidden dangers in certain cities plagued by alarming crime rates.

According to an article published by the House Grail, Iowa, known for its rural charm and safety in comparison to other states, still harbors some dangerous cities with concerning crime rates. Let’s delve into the hidden dangers in the most precarious urban areas in the Hawkeye State.

  • Keokuk

Keokuk, a town at the southeastern edge of Iowa, was once a peaceful place known for corn and its association with Howard Hughes. However, it has seen a decline in recent years.

Shockingly, it boasts the highest hidden dangers with the highest violent crime rate in the state, with a 1-in-115 chance of experiencing an attack. Property crime also ranks second in the state, with a 1-in-15 chance of theft. Safety tends to improve in the northern neighborhoods of Keokuk.

  • Council Bluffs

Situated just across the Missouri River from Omaha, Nebraska, Council Bluffs, with its historical significance, now grapples with the highest hidden dangers and the third-highest murder rate in Iowa. There’s a 1-in-126 chance of falling victim to hidden dangers and a 1-in-12 chance of property crime. Safer areas can be found in the southeast.

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Iowa saw a 9.5% rise in hidden dangers and a staggering 60% increase in murders from 2019 to 2020, a trend mirrored by the U.S. overall.

According to an article published by Only In Your State, the causes are multifaceted, including societal turmoil linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Ottumwa

Ottumwa, famed for being the Video Game Capital of the World, possesses a rich culture but also a high property crime rate, offering hidden dangers with a 1-in-24 chance of becoming a victim.

While violent crime is relatively lower, caution is advised. The western parts are known for more hidden dangers, while the northeast neighborhoods are considered safer.

Despite these challenges, Iowa’s cultural riches make it a worthwhile destination. By researching your destination being aware of hidden dangers, and practicing basic safety measures, you can enjoy your travels while staying vigilant in certain areas.

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