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High-Speed Internet Access Expansion Program to Receive Billions of Funds to Make Connection More Reliable and Affordable Across US

President Joe Biden’s administration invested $42.45 billion for the high-speed internet access expansion across America. Federal funding are still being provided despite the fact that most states are already getting high-speed internet access.


High-speed internet access

BEAD program aims to provide high-speed internet access across America. (Photo from Unsplash)


High-speed internet access expansion

Last week according to Reason, the Broadband Equity Access and Development (BEAD) program will be receiving state allocations as per the announcement of the White House. The said program aims to provide a more reliable and affordable high-speed internet access by the end of the decade to connect everyone easily across America. It is also reported that at least 90 percent of households in America already have a high-speed internet access which is said to be four times faster than the BEAD’s “high-speed” internet yet the legislation that authored BEAD still requires each state, plus District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, to have a minimum of $100 million of fund regardless of its necessity.

Because of this, states that are already getting high-speed internet access will receive more funds than the states that are not getting the service.

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High-speed internet access

BEAD program allocations are based on the data that shows which and which is not getting high-speed internet access. (Photo from Unsplash)


$42 billion funds for high-speed internet access

Approved in November 2021, the BEAD program was created to pay the internet service providers for the expansion of networks in unserved and underserved states so they can get high-speed internet access.

According to arstechnica, in the current allocations, Texas is getting the highest funds with $3.31 billion. California is next with $1.86 billion of funds while the other states receive at least $1 billion each.

In a report of sdxcentral, funds given across America is based on the data that shows which state lacks broadband access or have access but with less than 100Mbps download speed and 20Mbps upload speed.

But like every program, the funding will face challenges that are connected to program requirements. After all, it has been attempted many times before by the government the expansion of high-speed internet access and not all of them have been successful. Many believes that it is necessary for citizens to truly understand the importance of the program. Not just for them to get high-speed internet access but for education, commerce, and public safety.

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