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House Approves $14.3 Billion, Backed By The GOP Despite Biden’s Threat Of Veto, The Israel Aid Measure

President Biden speaks on student loan debt in the Roosevelt Room of the White House August 24, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Photo: shelterforce)

A Republican-backed bill that the House passed on Thursday would have given Israel billions of dollars in aid, but it would not support Ukraine or other national security concerns. This sets up a confrontation with the Senate and the White House over an emergency budget bill.

Voted By Two Republicans

The House voted 226 to 196, mostly along party lines, with 12 Democrats voting in favor of the bill’s passage with Republicans. The proposal was voted down by two Republicans.

The bill served as a trial run for House Speaker Mike Johnson, who opted for a more limited package that would not have garnered Democratic support over a more comprehensive one that would have been supported by many members of the opposing party.

President Biden has threatened to veto the legislation, meaning it is dead on arrival in the Senate. Democrats and a large number of Senate Republicans are against supporting border security and other measures, as well as aiding Israel separately from Ukraine. The $106 billion package that the White House has requested would contain billions for Israel, the Ukraine, and other projects.

Republicans’ favorite target, the IRS, would have also seen money cut under the House version. However, the Congressional Budget Office refuted the claims made by Republican members that the cuts would finance the aid to Israel, concluding that the elimination of money from increased enforcement against tax evaders would actually result in a rise in the deficit.

National Debt

“The irony, as I pointed out, Mr. Leader, is that in the pay-for you have used, CBO scores that as a $12.5 billion increase in the debt, not a decrease,” Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer stated prior to the vote on the House floor. Although the Republicans’ approach in this instance “does not accomplish that objective” of reducing the deficit, Hoyer stated that while the national debt is “important,”


Photo: The Daily Telegraph

New York Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler said he could not support Thursday’s bill, but he will gladly vote for a “genuine bill to aid Israel”.

Nadler expressed excitement about voting for the bill while standing on the House floor. However, the bill that is up for vote today is merely a partisan exercise. It is offensive to both our ally, Israel, and Jewish Americans.”

Republicans in the House who supported the Israel legislation pointed the finger squarely at the White House for any delays in providing funding to Israel. The head of the GOP conference, Rep. Elise Stefanik, chastised Mr. Biden for threatening to veto.

“We proudly stand with Israel instead of Joe Biden’s army of IRS agents, and shame on Joe Biden for threatening to veto this critical Israel aid package,” she stated on Thursday.

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