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House Democrats Reveal Chinese Government’s $5.5 Million Spending at Trump Properties

Photo from Google
Photo from Google

House Democrats presented evidence last week, exposing that the Chinese government and state-controlled entities spent over $5.5 million at Trump properties during Donald Trump’s presidency. Trump’s decision not to divest from his businesses, instead placing his adult sons in charge, deviated from the customary practice. This revelation emerges amidst ongoing attempts by the right to implicate President Joe Biden and his family for alleged foreign influence, despite a lack of substantial evidence.

Photo from Google

Photo from Google

Democrats Expose Trump’s Foreign Transactions

The House Oversight Committee’s report provides concrete evidence of Trump’s conduct, revealing documents from his former accounting firm. The report discloses that Trump’s businesses received $7.8 million from foreign governments, with $5.5 million originating from China, a revelation that aligns with accusations made against President Biden by House Republicans.

Forbes previously reported that the state-owned Industrial and Commercial Bank of China spent around $7 million in rent at Trump Tower during his presidency. The Oversight Committee’s figure is a more conservative $5.4 million. Notably, Trump refrained from imposing sanctions on ICBC, despite allegations of assisting North Korea.

While Democrats assert proof of Trump’s financial dealings with foreign entities, the right continues baseless attempts to impeach President Biden over alleged foreign influence. Despite claims, Republicans have failed to present clear evidence of impeachable offenses by Biden.

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Right’s Persistent Efforts to Impeach Biden

The right-wing media, echoing claims without substantial evidence, persistently accuses President Biden of being compromised by foreign payments. Fox News contributors, including Jason Chaffetz and Joe Concha, speculate on Biden’s alleged compromises, drawing parallels to the ongoing scrutiny faced by the Biden family.

Various Fox News hosts and contributors, such as Laura Ingraham and Jesse Watters, amplify claims about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China, insinuating potential corruption and linking it to Joe Biden’s policies. The right continues its narrative, portraying the Biden family as entangled in foreign bribery, despite a lack of conclusive evidence.

In a political landscape marked by accusations and counteraccusations, the spotlight on foreign transactions reveals a complex web of financial dealings involving both the Trump and Biden families.

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