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Houthi Resilience Sparks Indefinite US Preparedness: A Prolonged Struggle Unfolds

Photo from AP News

After 10 days of strikes failed to stop the Houthis from attacking marine commerce, the Biden administration is planning a continuous military operation.

Photo from AP News

Biden Administration Plans Prolonged Campaign Against Houthis Amid Concerns and Criticism

Despite concerns that an indefinite operation could shatter Yemen’s fragile ceasefire, the White House is examining ways to oppose the Iranian-backed movement, which targets ships near the Arabian peninsula. The administration wants to weaken the Houthis‘ military to prevent shipping route threats.

Recent violence is straining President Biden’s efforts to reduce spillover conflicts from Israel’s war with Hamas. The U.S. seeks to dissuade terrorist Houthi assaults. The operation has no end date, but the administration wants to weaken Houthi capabilities.

Critics fear diplomatic defeats and Yemeni humanitarian conditions worsening. Lawmakers support strikes but want a clearer strategy and goal. This raises concerns of a costly and extended battle, similar to those with the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

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Debate and Concerns Over Biden’s Long Military Plan Against Houthis

The Biden administration plans a long-term military operation against the Houthis in Yemen to weaken them and protect commercial routes.

The U.S. wants to dissuade Houthi attacks despite diplomatic blowback and humanitarian concerns. Fears of a costly and extended confrontation prompt lawmakers to demand a clearer approach.

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