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How Do Public Servants Suddenly Become Rich? Grant Cordone Questions Sudden Wealth of Politicians

Grant Cordone (Photo:

Grant Cordone shared his sentiments on social media, asking how public servants who earn $100,000 suddenly become multi-millionaires. Grant didn’t name-drop any public servants he’s referring to, but it is mainly targeted at the congressional members.

US Congress (Photo: thewhistler)

Grant Cordone Questions Public Servants About Sudden Wealth

As someone who has experienced the two sides of the wealth spectrum—being poor and rich—Grant Cordone has always been curious about how others can become rich while other people can’t.

This curiosity is what led Cordone to go into his social media—Twitter, to be specific—and ask a question that most of us probably know the answer to.

According to AOL, Cordone posted on his Twitter account, asking how the public servants who earn $100,000 are suddenly turning into multi-millionaires.

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Salaries For Public Servants Are high, But It Won’t Turn Them Into Multi-Millionaires

The tweet Cordone posted didn’t name-drop any specific public servants, but it was mainly directed at the congressional members.

According to an article by Go Banking Rates, the salaries of public servants such as Senate President or Speaker of the House earn more than the figure Cordone had tweeted. But even though it is much higher, it does not necessarily make those public servants multi-millionaires.

In some cases, wealthy public servants were simply born rich, since having personal wealth before entering politics could be of great help in campaigns.

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