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Illinois’ Riskiest: Top 5 Dangerous Cities 2023

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Photo from Google

When digging into dialogs almost hazardous cities in Illinois, Chicago frequently takes the highlightBe that as it may, the state harbors a few cities with wrongdoing rates outperforming indeed Chicago’s. Some time recently digging into the specifics, it’s pivotal to get a handle on the broader settingperusers are empowered to investigate our comprehensive examination of how Illinois’ kill rate compares broadly.

Photo from Google

Photo from Google

Past Chicago: Illinois’ Unsafe Cities

Whereas Chicago is regularly within the highlight, there are various Illinois cities with wrongdoing rates surpassing those of Chicago.

Some time recently digging into points of interest, it’s basic to consider the broader settinglaid out in our investigation comparing Illinois’ kill rates broadly.

Here, we display the beat 5 high-risk cities in Illinois, positioned based on wrongdoing insights.

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Top 5 high-risk cities

1. East St. Louis: Known for High Crime

East St. Louis, home to 18,469 people, is infamous as one of the most violent U.S. cities. Situated near St. Louis, its crime rate is 2,599 per 100,000 residents, 31% higher than Illinois’ average. Despite being consistently ranked among the state’s most dangerous, there’s been a slight decline in recent crime rates.

2. Granite City: Struggling with High Crime

In Granite City (28,000 residents), part of the St. Louis area, the crime rate is 64% above the state average, giving a 1 in 32 chance of being a victim. Once an industrial hub, the city now faces poverty and crime issues like assault, robbery, and theft.

3. Chicago: Culture Amidst Crime Challenges

Chicago, with 2,695,598 residents, is a cultural hub but battles a crime rate 67% above the state average, leading to a 1 in 30 chance of victimization. Known for high rates of homicide and gun violence, it still offers dog-friendly parks for residents.

4. Joliet: Suburban Concerns with Property Crimes

Joliet (150,362 residents), 35 miles southwest of Chicago, sees a 6% higher crime rate than the state average, resulting in a 1 in 51 chance of victimization. While not highly dangerous, property crimes like burglary and theft are common.

5. Bloomington: Notable Crime Stats in a Populous City

Ranked 13th in population (78,680 residents), Bloomington deals with a crime rate 13% above the state average, equating to a 1 in 53 chance of victimization. Recent FBI data highlights incidents like murders, robberies, assaults, and burglaries in Bloomington.

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