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Impeachment Articles Against Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas: US House Committee Approves

Mayorkas' immigration law violations and border mismanagement Impeachment Articles Approved by House Committee (Photo from Yahoo)

The House Homeland Security Committee impeached Alejandro Mayorkas on two Impeachment Articles 18-15.

Mayorkas’ immigration law violations and border mismanagement Impeachment Articles Approved by House Committee (Photo from Yahoo)

House Committee Approves Impeachment Articles Against Mayorkas for Immigration Law Violations and Border Mismanagement

These Impeachment Articles accuse Mayorkas of breaking US law and eroding public faith in immigration and US-Mexico border management. Mayorkas willfully and routinely violated the Immigration and Nationality Act, promoting Southwest border drug cartel domination, according to Article I. Mayorkas willfully lied and impeded scrutiny to cover his criminal actions, according to Article II.

Committee Chairman Mark Green praised the Committee for achieving these historic steps and urged members to prioritize accountability over politics. Mayorkas stated he would continue law enforcement and public service despite the accusations.

Article I gives the House sole impeachment power. The Senate will try impeachment articles if passed by the House.

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Border Tensions Fuel Impeachment Articles Against Mayorkas

Mayorkas’ impeachment articles follow US-Mexico border tensions. After the Supreme Court agreed with the Biden administration on a border barrier dispute, Greg Abbott announced Texas’ constitutional right to self-defense.

Mayorkas continued his career despite the allegations. Articles cover US immigration and border security.

Mayorkas’ Impeachment Articles was a momentous legislative move. His allegations illustrate immigration enforcement and border management issues. The impeachment process will impact DHS leadership and operations.

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