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In Fort Worth, A Naked Guy Is Accused Of Beating A Delivery Driver To Death With Firewood

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrested the suspect of shooting incident in downtown Las Vegas (Photo: flickriver)

A man is incarcerated for reportedly bashing a victim to death with firewood. In a police affidavit, it states that it occurred on January 13 at approximately 8:30 p.m.

What Happened?

A man was lying in the front yard of a house on Wendover Drive in Fort Worth when the cops arrived. According to the complaint, he suffered serious blunt force injuries to his head and was declared deceased at the site.

A guy claiming to be the house’s owner informed the police that he knew the man, whom he named “Scott,” and that he used him to buy firewood.

After arriving, Scott started unloading the firewood from a U-Haul. A nude man with a key approached Scott and the homeowner, saying, “This is my house, I have the key right here.”

After Scott and the homeowner told the nude man to go, the man grabbed up a piece of wood and hit Scott in the head right away. The homeowner was then smacked in the head by him.

After that, the nude man pursued the homeowner, who entered his house and dialed 911. According to the affidavit, he saw the nude man beating Scott while speaking with 911 and then threw a wheelbarrow at him.

Sent To Hospital

Numerous additional neighbors claimed to have saw the nude man enter a different Wendover Drive house that serves as an Airbnb and lets visitors book individual rooms.


(Photo: kqed)

According to one of the Airbnb hosts, she thinks the nude man was high on an unidentified drug. There was yelling coming from inside the Airbnb when the police arrived. Then the nude man emerged and introduced himself as 27-year-old Chrisantus Omondi.

According to the affidavit, Omondi was uncooperative with the officer’s orders. Officers tased him, took him into custody, and sent him to JPS Hospital for assessment.

Three charges have been brought against Omondi: murder, violent assault on a security guard, and obstruction or retribution. The current bail amount for him is $312,000.

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