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 In Mexico, Searchers Seeking For 7 Kidnapped Teenagers Discover 6 Bodies And 1 Wounded Survivor

Leomeir Kennedy: Transgender Man Charged For Molesting Autistic Children In Greenwood, Found Dead Inside Prison Cell Photo From: ABC

When searchers discovered six deaths and one survivor in a secluded area on Wednesday, the search for seven kidnapped children in the Zacatecas state in north-central Mexico appeared to come to a devastating end.

Dead Bodies Were Frequently Found

According to state authorities, the young man who survived was found with significant head injuries. His state was described as steady. Six young men’s bodies were reportedly discovered nearby, but they had not yet been positively identified as the children kidnapped from a farm on Sunday, according to the report.

According to top Zacatecas state official Rodrigo Reyes, two suspects were detained in Villanueva and “there is a high probability that they are linked” to the crime.

The bodies must be taken from the area without a road and transported to the state capital for identification. To demand that authorities find them, their family had staged rallies earlier this week in the violent state.

Earlier, prosecutors stated that they did not believe the kidnapping had anything to do with the forced recruiting of criminal organizations.It was the most devastating result of this year’s widespread kidnappings of young people.

Five young men were kidnapped in the adjacent state of Jalisco in August, and their dying moments were captured in a grisly video that went viral on social media.

Not To Travel Due To Kidnapping

A pair of tied, lifeless victims can be seen laying in the foreground of the footage. The fourth companion in the abducted group of pals looks to be the young man who was witnessed beating and apparently beheading another victim.


Source: CNN

In the 2010s, when Mexico’s drug cartel violence was at its worst, gangs occasionally forced abduction victims to commit murder. In 2010, a Mexican gang kidnapped men off passenger buses and forced them to use sledgehammers to fight each other until one of them died.

Due of continuous violence and kidnappings, the U.S. State Department has advised Americans to “Do Not Travel” to Zacatecas.According to the alert, gang activity, violent crime, and extortion are all common in Zacatecas state.

A U.S. citizen was one of four persons killed in the state around Christmas last year, according to Zacatecas authorities. Eight men and two women’s dead were discovered in a pickup truck that had been packed with people and abandoned before daylight in the main square of the state capital of Zacatecas in January 2022.

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