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In Texas And Aspen, A Man Is Charged With Sex Crimes Related To Massages

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In a brief virtual appearance in Pitkin County District Court on Monday, a man accused of committing sex crimes against massage clients in at least three different states waived extradition to Texas.

Charged With Physical Assualt

According to court filings and public records, Qiting Duan, 39, has a history that includes being barred from doing licenced massages in Florida, having a felony rape case pending in Texas, and being detained in Aspen when a customer complained about excessive touching. His addresses in the charging paperwork are listed as Flushing, New York, and Aspen.

Following Duan’s arrest by Aspen police on July 5 on the Texas warrant, who was then lodged in the Pitkin County Jail under a $50,000 bail, the hearing was called. Duran requested Seldin to testify at the hearing but decided against it after receiving more legal counsel.

Pitkin County District Court, where the extradition case is being heard, expects Duan back on Aug. 7. If he refuses to be sent to Texas, where the charge is more serious, an extradition hearing will be held.

At the hearing, prosecutor Don Nottingham stated that “The People will endeavour to inform Texas with regard to the governor’s warrant.” Nottingham was not available for a follow-up remark or more clarification.

Lady Complained About Inappropriate Behavior


Source: Cbs

Duan’s jury trial for a single sex offence is set to take place in September in Pitkin County Court, where criminal misdemeanour matters are handled. The incident began when a lady complained to Aspen police that he repeatedly touched her in an improper manner during the final 10 minutes of an hour-long full-body massage he provided on December 26.

According to a statement of facts written by Aspen Police Department investigator Lauren Turner, Duan, who pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanour offence of sexual assault-no consent in March, told police during a Dec. 26 interview that it was his first day on the job at the Aspen massage location and that he did not sexually touch the woman.

Duan’s statement stated: “This is a clear pattern and Modus Operandi for Duan.” It also mentioned Duan’s criminal history of sexual assault charges that were connected to massages he provided and that the Texas and Aspen instances had more parallels.

The totality of the circumstances led Turner to request a warrant for Duan’s arrest, which was executed on December 28. On the same day, he paid a $1,000 bond, and in April, a county court authorised his out-of-state travel.

Prior to the state’s health department issuing an immediate suspension of the licence in November 2017, Duan was a legally qualified massage therapist in Florida. There were no records of Duan having a valid massage licence at the moment, thus it was unclear if that suspension had been removed.

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