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Increase In The Thrifty Food Plan Should Be Guarded In Order To Support Food Security

The maximum benefit amounts someone can get from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programme (SNAP) are determined using the TFP, which is a grocery budget. Sen. John Boozman (R-AR) thinks that SNAP spending can be reduced by focusing on the cost hikes made at the time of the 2021 reevaluation. Since the start of 2023, Congress has been debating the goals of the forthcoming farm bill that will reauthorize SNAP. With bipartisan support, these raises were a much-needed & long-overdue reform that gave each member of a normal family an extra $12 to $16 each month.

Financial Security Of The Families

Millions of Americans will find it difficult to pay for basic needs, many could fall into poverty, and others may even lose their jobs if Congress does not maintain them, seriously jeopardizing their own as well as their family’s financial security. Poverty, job loss, and increased food insecurity can all have a long-term negative impact on the economy. The TFP cannot be sacrificed by Congress during the ongoing agriculture bill deliberations. Before its reevaluation in 2021, the TFP was formed in 1975, but since its adoption, it has not been effectively updated and has not taken into account dietary demands connected to culture and health. The last time Congress examined the TFP was in 2006, and even then, the only change that resulted was an update that simply kept the inflation-corrected costs of the previous TFP versions.

Increase In Value Of SNAP Benefits

In 2020, 96% of US counties’ average meal costs were not covered by the maximum daily SNAP payment, according to research by the Urban Institute. Academics and organizations fighting hunger have pushed for an increase in the worth of SNAP benefits for no less than the last ten years, arguing that the old TFP formula did not adequately cover the expense of a diet that is nutritionally appropriate. Members of Congress instructed the USDA to review the TFP methodology and make any necessary adjustments as a component of the bipartisan 2018 Farm Bill reauthorization.

The TFP revision was based on four factors: recent dietary recommendations, consumption patterns, statistics on food composition, and current food costs. Due to the bipartisan character of the agreement, the 2021 update does not change the fundamental presumptions that define the food plans. The price of the complete basket was only changed to suit current grocery store costs and accommodate a larger range of dietary requirements.

Reduction In Poverty

The initial TFP increase was in the range of $12–$16 more per person every month. Depending on the size of the SNAP population, different states got different amounts to support SNAP, with Wyoming receiving an increase of $13 million and California receiving an increase of more than $2 billion. In comparison to a forecasted situation wherein the TFP was not enhanced, the Urban Institute determined that the rise in SNAP payments kept roughly 2.3 million more people out of destitution in the last quarter of 2021 and decreased poverty by 4.7 percent. The study also discovered that the increase in TFP resulted in an 8.6 percent reduction in poverty among children, with Black children experiencing the biggest reduction.

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