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Indigenous Shareholders Will Own A Canadian Investment Dealer That Scotiabank Establishes

Social Security Benefits
Social Security Benefits; Source- NPR

The first Indigenous-owned investment dealer in Canada will be established by Bank of Nova Scotia opens new tab on Friday, which will promote the community’s involvement in the capital markets and open up new prospects.

Selling A Portion Of Company

Together, two Indigenous development corporations, one First Nation, and Scotia formed Cedar Leaf Capital. Each of the three partners owns 23.3% of the company, with Scotia holding the remaining shares. Yet as Cedar Leaf Capital becomes its own business, Scotia will sell a smaller portion of the company.

Institutional clients in Canada would be able to purchase a wide range of investment products from Cedar Leaf Capital, which is now awaiting regulatory approval.

Although making up around 5% of Canada’s population of almost 40 million, indigenous communities have historically had difficulty obtaining financing for the acquisition of equity holdings, which has limited their ability to participate in infrastructure projects.

In addition, compared to other Canadians, they have lower life expectancies, greater rates of poverty, and a higher incidence of violent crime, addiction, and incarceration. However, the federal government has started a number of programs to raise their level of life, and Indigenous communities themselves have expressed a stronger desire to participate in major resource projects in which they own land.

Fixed Income Securities


Source- CNET

The company, which takes its name from the cedar leaf, is indigenous to many Indigenous communities in North America. Its goals include promoting increased Indigenous participation in the capital markets and providing institutional clients in Canada with financial advisory services, with a concentration on fixed income securities.

In order to assist First Nation, Métis, and Inuit communities in acquiring equity ownership holdings in infrastructure projects inside their traditional areas, the Canada Infrastructure Bank has also introduced a program.

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