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Iowa 10 Unsafe Cities in 2024

Iowa’s most unsafe cities

Iowa 10 Unsafe Cities in 2024. (PHOTO: Travel Safe – Abroad)

According to Southwest Journal, Iowa is the safest of 75 towns above 5,000. Big assaults and fewer deaths. Only 26,000 people lived in the Iowa city with the most assaults and fatalities. Other locations are hazardous besides cities. The most risky location has 11,000 individuals. Iowa 10 unsafe cities  may surprise you. But additional police may not help.

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Iowa 10 Unsafe cities


The tenth most dangerous Iowa town has 60,000 residents. Property thefts and crimes occurred 2,556 times per 100,000 persons. It must be safer in the city than last year.

Fort Madison

The ninth most deadly Iowa town has 10,000 residents. Every 100,000 persons had 625 serious crimes and 2,314 property crimes. City dwellers are safer yet nonetheless vulnerable.


Iowa’s eighth-most hazardous city is Keokuk. About 10,000 people reside there. Worldwide, 673 large crimes and 2,447 property crimes occurred per 100,000 inhabitants. Still hazardous, although less so than last year.


The eighth most deadly Iowa town has 24,000 residents. For every 100,000 persons, 491 large crimes and 3,500 property crimes occurred. The city is safer than a year ago.

Sioux City

Iowa’s sixth most hazardous region is Sioux. About 82,000 individuals reside there. There were 577 major crimes and 3,245 thefts per 100,000. Safety is improving, but not as much as last year. Crime is lower.

Des Moines

The sixth most hazardous place in Iowa is Des Moines, with 215,000 residents. For every 100,000 individuals, 3,901 property crimes and 704 persons crimes occurred. Safety is more important, not improvement over previous year.

Fort Dodge

Iowa’s fourth-most hazardous city is Fort Dodge. About 23,000 individuals reside there. Each 100,000 individuals had 757 large crimes and 3,481 thefts. City life is safer.


It’s Iowa’s third most hazardous place with 101,000 residents. Every 100,000 persons had 736 serious crimes and 3,925 property crimes. Even if the city improves, problems will remain.


It’s Iowa’s second-most hazardous city, with 24,000 residents. Every 100,000 persons had 946 serious crimes and 3,906 property offenses. Safety is worse this year than previous, therefore the city is worried.

Council Bluffs

Iowa’s most deadly city has 62,000 residents. Property thefts and crimes occurred 4,788 times per 100,000 persons. The city must be repaired for safety.

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Safety tips in travelling Iowa Unsafe Cities

Keep yourself safe while you’re not there. Tell someone where you’re going and don’t lose anything important. Take care, stay in places that are well lit, and find safe ways to get around. Always keep copies of important papers on hand and know who to call in case something goes wrong. Stay in safe places and watch the news. Do what your doctor tells you. If you don’t feel well, leave and find a good place to connect to Wi-Fi. Your trip will be better and more fun if you follow these simple steps.

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