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Iowa Lottery Winner Who Cashed In $40 Prize Money To Purchase Another Ticket Won The Top Third Prize Worth $300,000

Scratch-Off Lotto Game (Photo: thesungazette)

A lucky Iowa lottery winner has won a $300,000 cash prize from a lottery scratch-off game after cashing in his previous $40 prize to buy the winning ticket.

Iowa Lottery (Photo: iowacapitaldispatch)

Iowa Lottery Winner Won Third Top Prize Worth $300,000 From A Scratch-Off Game

SOURCE– Gregory Mohanan, a lucky Iowa lottery winner, won the third top prize in the Iowa lottery’s Ruby Red Crossword scratch-off game. The Iowa lottery winner won a cash prize worth $300,000.

The Iowa lottery winner initially won a $40 cash prize playing the Ruby Red scratch-off game. According to the Iowa lottery winner, as he was going home, he decided to stop at the Kwik Star gas station at 1502 South Federal Ave. in Mason City.

The Iowa lottery winner said he cashed in his $40 cash prize and bought another Ruby Red crossword game. Lucky for him, he ended up winning more than $40, as he ended up bagging the third top prize worth $300,000.

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“Biggest Rush Of Excitement Ever,” Is How The Iowa Lottery Winner Would Describe His Feeling After Winning The Third Top Prize

According to the Globe Gazette, Mohanan, the lucky Iowa lottery winner, started screaming upon seeing that he had won. The Iowa lottery winner said he got home, scratched the QR code, and then scanned it.

Mohanan said that he was just totally shocked, and he started screaming. If Mohanan were to describe the feeling, he would say that it was just the biggest rush of excitement ever. That is the only way the Iowa lottery winner can describe the feeling.

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