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 “It’s Too Close To Home,” Said The Man’s Neighbors Who Were Worried By His Death After The Red Bird Shooting

Brattleboro VT shooting
18-year-old Elias Lopez from Connecticut has been arrested in connection with the Brattleboro VT shooting case. (PHOTO: iSTOCK)

On Thursday night, a neighborhood in the Red Bird region is experiencing both joy and sorrow.

The suspect in a weekend slaying in which the victims were bound and shot is reportedly being held in New Mexico, according to Dallas police. Kayla Griffin, age 28, will be returned to North Texas to stand trial for capital murder.

What Happened?

Dorothy Phelps, a neighbor, said, “I guess I won’t see Mr. Johnson again, either.” She said the Johnson family, who lived just across the street, was a peaceful couple with a kind son.

The recollection brings on fresh sobs and rage. “Why? Why did they kill that young man, that boy? It had to be someone who was familiar with them. Her sobs reveal a distressed heart.

At around 11 a.m. on Saturday, Dallas police received a call reporting disturbance at a house in the 900 block of Medalist Drive. A hurt woman had exited the house and asked a different neighbor for assistance.

Cause Of Death

Officers “arrived and found a man who had been tied up, yelling for help,” according to the police. They discovered another victim, Deleon Williams, 30, who had been shot and had his hands bound. On the spot, he passed away.

Friends of the family were in awe. He doesn’t have the mindset to be in a lot of trouble, the woman who identified herself as Chandra said.

Red Bird Shooting

Source: cbs news

When Williams was three years old, according to her, the Johnsons took him in. Several years ago, his adopted mother passed away.

He has never been in trouble, according to Chandra. “I wonder what occurred, what happened. Who would have executed him in such a manner?

Griffin was reportedly detained near Bloomfield, New Mexico, after a license plate reader detected that her car had been reported stolen. A local resident named Michael Dixon said, “It’s too close to home.” It is too near to home.

Many residents of the established and wooded area felt relieved upon hearing of the arrest. But many continue to have concerns, particularly over the reason. Dixon continued, “I want to know what truly happened. “Was it random, just a robbery, or what?”

Police claimed that Griffin knew the victims, although they would not specify how. They emphasize that more arrests could yet happen and that the investigation is still underway.

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