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Japan Achieves Lunar Milestone: Joining the Moon Landing Elite, Discover What Other Nations are Planning

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Japan made the first “pinpoint lunar landing.” Now Japan joins the US, USSR, India, and China in this select circle. The achievement shows Japan’s technological and scientific progress.

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Japanese ‘Pinpoint’ Lunar Landing: A Look at the Global Moon Race

United States:
NASA’s moon exploration goals are ambitious. They plan to orbit the moon next year and place astronauts on it by 2026. The failed moonshot this week was caused by Astrobotic Technology’s Peregrine lunar lander’s fuel leak. The U.S. uses government and private sector initiatives with SpaceX and Blue Origin to explore the moon despite failures.

India celebrated a major lunar achievement last year when it landed a spacecraft near the moon’s south pole. The $75 million program’s success sparked the manned moon mission hopes. India’s space successes are essential to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity and its rivalry with China.

China hopes to send moonwalkers by the end of the decade after landing in 2013. The country’s absence from the International Space Station reflects its worldwide rivalry with the US and its space ambitions. China and the US are considering permanent crewed moon outposts, raising questions about cooperation and competitiveness.

Russia’s space program has struggled since the Soviet Union’s fall, and Luna-25’s moon landing failed last year. Although Russia has excelled in space, its recent setback has cast doubt on its global power. Russia proposes another moon trip in 2027 to revive lunar exploration.

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Nations Chase Lunar Success for Global Acclaim and Geopolitical Edge

After the success, many countries and companies are pursuing ambitious moon missions. Successful missions bring international acclaim, diplomatic recognition, and political advantages, while failures cost money and public humiliation.

Each victory and defeat in the space race impacts nations’ scientific and geopolitical status worldwide. Nations again use the moon to demonstrate their technical superiority and expand cosmic knowledge.

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